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Get ready for the BOGO Black Friday!

Get ready for the BOGO Black Friday!

This friday November 25th it's celebrated the Black Friday in many countries and we couldn't leave you with out a great deal that day. And as 4Life always gives you more, you will get FOUR great deals along the week.

Each day between the 25th to 28th of November, we will launch a BOGO promotion: Buy One product and Get One extra for FREE.

Yes, you've heard it right! Because two are better then one, we will double your benefits. Double products for the price of one!


MyShop: The more you share, the most you get

The sky is the limit to share your MyShop. Don't forget to share your MyShop link so your customers get a discount on orders while you earn commissions. There is a limit of 1 BOGO per MyShop order, but no limited for you to share your link. Use the Media Library exclusively in the 4Life app to share the bogo assets with your clients. You will find them in the ¨Highlights¨ main folder.

What's better than 4 days of BOGO?

Having the Free Enrollment and Free Shipping during the BOGO!

These two promotions will still be available during the BOGO days. This means that new Preferred Customer, and new Affiliates* in case of Italy, will get Free Enrollment with ALL orders. And all Affiliates and Preferred Customers can benefit from Free Shipping in ALL MyShop orders**. Remember to use the UPS Access point for a more comfortable delivery of your orders.


BOGO Conditions:

- Each combination of products will be revealed everyday in our Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram channels.

- The BOGO promotions will be available for purchase through 4Life.com, 4Life App and MyShop.

- The weekday BOGOs (Friday and Monday) will be available from 15:00 until 23:59 (CET) or until stock is over.

- The weekend BOGOs (Saturday and Sunday) will be available from 10:00 until 23:59 (CET) or until stock is over.

- Limit of 1 BOGO per new and existing 4Life ID (Affiliate, Preferred Customer and Italy Customer).

- There is a limited stock of per each BOGO promotion.

- As with every promotion, there is an LP reduction in all BOGO promotions. The free product has no LP value.

- Returns are subject to 4Life Research's return policy.

*To activate the Life Rewards Plan for an Affiliate with an Italian code, it's required to have Promoted Customer Life Points (PCLP) from orders made by customers.

**Free shipping applies to all zones in Europe except Andorra, Cyprus, Malta, Norway, Portugal (Madeira and Azores), Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. The United Kingdom has 9,5% surcharge for all orders. For more information, please take a look at the shipping conditions.